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Daniel Flores, Frac Specialist for Water Treatment

If there’s one word that summarizes Daniel Flores' career thus far, it’s diligence. A Frac Specialist for Water Treatment at ChampionX, Daniel has been a hard worker his whole life, so he’s never shied away from difficult tasks. But getting them done right is paramount.

As a fracking specialist, Daniel says he takes ownership of every detail, so that the smallest data point is reliably precise and every step in an ordered process is followed to the letter. That’s the difference he and his team bring to every jobsite, and it’s why one customer has requested them specifically for three years running to take care of their water treatment program across the Permian Basin.

Daniel's earliest memories involve being at his father’s elbow, helping him restore classic Chevrolet automobiles. That was where he learned firsthand about paying close attention to every detail, a lesson in thoroughness being what separates good work from great.

“I just had it instilled in me since I was young,” Daniel says. “It comes from my father and my uncle, who were outstanding coaches, always pushing me to do better.”

But more than just delivering value for a paycheck, Daniel takes great pride in his work and in demonstrating the right way to take care of the health of his customers’ wells. He says he enjoys teaching new employees about precision, accuracy, and following procedure so they can feel good about doing the work properly as well.

That sense of personal investment extends to safeguarding the jobsite as well. He feels especially responsible for protecting the safety of anyone and everyone involved, from the ChampionX crew to the customer’s staff. That’s why he has two safety meetings at the start of every shift, to ensure he’s aware of any issues that happened overnight, to confirm the proper functioning of vehicles and equipment, to assess weather conditions, and to remind everyone to keep alert around chained-off areas and chemicals.

“Anybody that's on my location, I'm responsible for their life,” he says. “It’s a mindset that’s intertwined with our day-to-day operation, coming from the safety culture that ChampionX instills within us.”

With a conscientiousness that is equally matched across ChampionX service lines, and the sense that people generally set each other up for success company-wide, it’s no surprise that Daniel declares ChampionX one of his favorite employers ever.

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Did you know? Daniel once built a functioning pinball machine out of a shoe box and a solar power calculator using aluminum foil and parts from a flashlight that would make contact and score whenever the ball hit.

I've always maintained a sense of professionalism, so if a customer is paying for aservice, I'm going to give them what they paid for and the most outstanding service possible. I have agreat crew that I work with and we're all on the same page.” Daniel Flores