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Staying in Control - Session 4

August 31, 2021
01:30 PM - 02:30 PM SGT - Singapore Time
1 hour
Novel Chemistries and Optimization – Lowering Costs and Maximizing Hydrocarbon Production in Asia Pacific
No Charge

Description: In this session, ChampionX’s microbial experts will present solutions for reducing system fouling and maximizing uptime through the treatment of microbiological activity, hydrogen sulfide, and iron sulfide deposits.

Recent advances in DNA-based techniques for microbial characterization are yielding more detailed information, which enables accurate and rapid identification of the identity and source of problematic microbes. Presenters Brian Bennett and Rediat Moges will provide an overview of how these advanced methods can allow for targeted solutions to be readily deployed.

Presenter: Brian Bennett, Asset Integrity Group Leader

About Brian: Brian holds degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from Illinois State University. His expertise includes the application of corrosion inhibitors, biocides, oxygen scavengers, and hydrotest products. In 2008, Brian has experience testing and developing corrosion inhibitors for arctic environments and developing microbiological test methods for use in the oil and gas sector, in addition to developing the next generation of oil field cleaning chemicals working with the Clean n Cor™ product line.

Brian Bennett
Rediat Moges

Presenter: Rediat Moges

About Rediat: Rediat has an MSc in Biomedical Sciences (microbiology) and an MSc in Oilfield Analytical Sciences. Before joining ChampionX in 2016, she gained in-depth molecular microbiology experience from previous life science research work. Since joining the company, Rediat has worked on key projects, including establishing advanced oilfield microbiology methods for both field and in-house testing capabilities. She specializes in oilfield microbial monitoring and mitigation and brings her expert knowledge in biocide applications for oilfield operations.