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Novel Chemistries and Optimization

Lowering Costs and Maximizing Hydrocarbon Production in Asia Pacific

July 13 & 27 and August 17 & 31

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Join the ChampionX Asia Pacific team and global subject matter experts to learn how our chemical technologies are advancing production efficiency for our customers through improved production rates and reduced downtime.

Throughout Asia Pacific, new greenfield and brownfield projects are being sanctioned, including Deepwater, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects. Producers are looking for ways to produce more from less and for longer, but excessive water production, declining well output, asset corrosion, scale, and fouling can be a major financial and operational resource drain.

In this webinar series, the ChampionX team will demonstrate how using advanced technologies, combined with good project management processes, can maximize economic recovery from existing assets or reduce CAPEX costs and complexity for new projects.

Each hour-long interactive session will cover a different topic, including scale challenges, the breakthrough impact of cEOR, developments in paraffin technologies, and microbial solutions. By the end of each session, you will have a better understanding of how the discussed technologies could be of benefit to your asset. Space is limited, so REGISTER NOW to reserve your spot.

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Webinar Event Information

Session 1: Tipping the Scale

13 July 2021 from 13:30pm to 14:30pm (SGT - Singapore Time)

Description: During this session, our experts will discuss the various options available to address your mineral scale challenges, including treatments designed to prevent near wellbore/tubing deposition and solutions to mitigate scaling in wells aggravated by artificial lift systems. An enhanced surveillance program is a critical element of a scale control program. Presenters Clare Johnston and Louise Sutherland will share best practices in ensuring a holistic understanding of the performance of your scale management program’s performance.

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Scale build up

Presenter: Clare Johnston, Senior Staff Scientist

About Clare: Clare has a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry and has worked in technical roles in the upstream oil and gas industry since 1998. Since joining ChampionX in 2002, Clare has been responsible for the qualification, design, and management of topside/downhole inorganic scale control programs within the Americas, North Sea, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.  

Clare is the author or co-author of over 20 technical papers and is a frequent contributor to industry technical events on oilfield scale inhibition, including SPE, Tekna and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).  

Presenter: Louise Sutherland, Lead Chemist – Scale

About Louise: Louise has a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology and has worked for ChampionX for over 12 years. She has significant experience in scale management – including scale threat review, chemical selection and qualification, field treatment modeling, deployment and monitoring.

Louise also manages our coreflood section and has experience in many different applications including scale, EOR, water injection and drag reducer applications.   

Louise has authored and co-authored a number of technical papers and presented at various technical conferences including SPE, Royal Society of Chemistry and Tekna.

Session 2: Breaking the Barrier

27 July 2021 from 13:30pm to 14:30pm (SGT - Singapore Time)

Description: In this session, ChampionX experts will discuss the breakthrough impact of cEOR and the typical process problems which may occur. We will also cover the adverse impacts on incumbent production chemical applications and how these can be addressed proactively via the use of specially developed chemistry, designed to tackle some of the unique challenges associated with back-produced chemical EOR.

Presenters Robin Shields and Ben Lownie will share case histories from successful applications in treating issues caused by polymer flooding and other cEOR techniques.

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Presenter: Robin Shields, Technical Manager EOR

About Robin: Robin holds a BSc in Chemistry and has over 20 years’ industry experience. His previous role as a senior research fellow at Heriot-Watt University involved leading studies into water shut-off, polymer flooding, sand consolidation and low salinity waterflooding projects. Robin has authored or co-authored multiple research papers and peer-reviewed journal articles and has chaired or co-chaired SPE EOR and water management workshops.

Robin Shields

Presenter: Ben Lownie, Technical Authority

About Ben: Ben joined ChampionX in 2006 and has held both sales and technical roles in our production chemistries business. With an initial focus on field deployments and production chemistry, Ben has supported customer capex projects in Europe from initial feasibility through to first oil. Ben’s experience includes delivery of effective chemical management systems, evaluation and troubleshooting of production chemistry risks, and more recently, the deployment and impact of ChampionX EOR technologies.

Session 3: Go with the Flow

17 August 2021 from 13:30pm to 14:30pm (SGT - Singapore Time)

Description: Wax inhibitors and pour point depressants are some of the most widely used solutions to mitigate wax problems. However, selecting the right product for your specific crude oil is key and is often impacted by limitations of current laboratory techniques

In this webinar, presenters Alfred Hase, Kasper Baack, Saugata Gon, and Heather Blackwood will present exciting new developments in wax testing and show examples of how this has helped customers solve challenges previously thought to be untreatable.

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ChampionX chemist in a laboratory.
Dr. Alfred Hase

Presenter: Dr. Alfred Hase, Senior RD&E Group Leader – Flow Assurance

About Alfred: Alfred has more than 20 years of experience in flow assurance-related topics, such as wax, asphaltenes, low dosage hydrate inhibitors and H2S scavengers. Alfred joined ChampionX in 2002 and currently leads projects related to PPD / wax inhibitor product development for specific oil fields in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Presenter: Kasper Baack, Lead Chemist – Flow Assurance

About Kasper: Kasper has an MSc in Chemical Technology and has worked in technical roles in the chemical and upstream oil and gas industry since 2006. Since joining ChampionX in 2011, he has been responsible for the qualification, design, and management of paraffin and asphaltene control programs within the North Sea, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia Pacific. Kasper is the technical product line manager for paraffins and asphaltenes and frequently provides internal and external training on those subjects.

Kasper Baack
Heather Blackwood

Presenter: Heather Blackwood, Principal Chemist

About Heather: Heather has a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry and an MSc in Instrumental Analytical Science and has worked in technical roles in the upstream oil and gas industry since 1992. Heather joined ChampionX in 2017 and has principally been involved in the qualification, design, and management of topside/downhole wax and asphaltene control programs across the world. She also has experience in fiscal analysis, scale, corrosion, and water shut-off matters.

Session 4: Staying in Control

31 August 2021 from 13:30pm to 14:30pm (SGT - Singapore Time)

Description: In this session, ChampionX’s microbial experts will present solutions for reducing system fouling and maximizing uptime through the treatment of microbiological activity, hydrogen sulfide, and iron sulfide deposits.

Recent advances in DNA-based techniques for microbial characterization are yielding more detailed information, which enables accurate and rapid identification of the identity and source of problematic microbes. Presenters Brian Bennett and Rediat Moges will provide an overview of how these advanced methods can allow for targeted solutions to be readily deployed.

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ChampionX truck at a wellsite.
Brian Bennett,

Presenter: Brian Bennett, Asset Integrity Group Leader

About Brian: Brian holds degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from Illinois State University. His expertise includes the application of corrosion inhibitors, biocides, oxygen scavengers, and hydrotest products. In 2008, Brian has experience testing and developing corrosion inhibitors for arctic environments and developing microbiological test methods for use in the oil and gas sector, in addition to developing the next generation of oil field cleaning chemicals working with the Clean n Cor™ product line.

Presenter: Rediat Moges, Senior Microbiologist - Asset Integrity

About Rediat: Rediat has an MSc in Biomedical Sciences (microbiology) and an MSc in Oilfield Analytical Sciences. Before joining ChampionX in 2016, she gained in-depth molecular microbiology experience from previous life science research work. Since joining the company, Rediat has worked on key projects, including establishing advanced oilfield microbiology methods for both field and in-house testing capabilities. She specializes in oilfield microbial monitoring and mitigation and brings her expert knowledge in biocide applications for oilfield operations.

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