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Windrock Reciprocating Institute

Take your knowledge and career to the next level

The Windrock Reciprocating Institute delivers focused, interactive, web-based training that provides the knowledge you need to diagnose and resolve your compressor and engine performance.

Our training program supports mechanics, operators, and engineers at every skill level, helping them develop their career and helping you benchmark your asset management activities.

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Windrock employee working on a Spotlight Monitoring System for Engines.

How this training benefits you

  • Classes are taken on your time at your pace
  • Built-in knowledge checks ensure you understand each module
  • Track your progress as you work your way through the courses
  • Online training course means no travel, saving you airfare and hotel costs
  • You can print certifications immediately
  • Subject matter expert Q&A sessions are offered once a week
  • Engine and compressor classes available

Online computer-based training

Meet our experienced instructors

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Mike joined the Windrock Technical Services Team in 2005, bringing nearly 50 years of engine and compressor experience including maintenance, overhaul, and diagnostics. He has run several different types of analyzers during his career and advised on the development of the CARMA, EnSpect, Recip-Trap™, and Windrock analyzers. His experience covers analysis services to the marine, oil, and gas industries to implement predictive maintenance programs, analyst reviews and selections, and training in both electronic engine/compressor and spectrum vibration analysis. His deep experience also includes developing and training on military instructional manuals for electronic diesel combustion analysis while working with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Bryan Blanchard

Bryan Blanchard

Bryan has more than 39 years of maintenance and diagnostic experience in the natural gas, oil, refining, and chemical industries. In his career as a key member of onshore and offshore program reliability teams, he has worked with a wide range of natural gas, refining, and chemical industry engine and compressor packages. Most recently, Bryan’s career has expanded to providing analysis services to the nuclear, military, railroad, and commercial marine industries. Bryan’s diverse background serves him well as an accomplished instructor of all engine and compressor analysis subjects provided in classroom, on-site, web-based domestic and international environments.

Our Windrock online training courses

How it works

  • Register and create a personalized account to track your progress
  • Purchase at either packaged training or single courses
  • You can take courses at your own pace
  • Work through the course material and knowledge checks to prepare for the certification exam at the end
  • Windrock instructors are readily available for questions
  • You can download the training content and, for an extra fee, Windrock will mail you a textbook or certificate

Helps you with several challenges

  • Replaces knowledge lost from retiring subject matter experts
  • Lowers costs by eliminating expenses associated with on-site training for your team
  • Reduces risk associated with COVID-19 with virtual classes instead of in-person learning
  • Availability to sit down and educate in a focused setting
  • Deepens your knowledge about your specific equipment
  • Provides analytical capability to maximize the value of data
  • Reduction of asset downtime

What is offered?

  • Basic Compressor Analysis (AQC1) – 6 Modules with Knowledge Checks at the end of each module
  • Basic Engine Analysis (AQE1) – 6 Modules with Knowledge Checks at the end of each module
  • Windrock Certification Exams


Who benefits from this training?

Any customer who wants to perform in depth analysis or owns:

  • Reciprocating compressors
  • High-speed engines
  • Portable analyzer or online monitoring system

Value Windrock provides

  • Domain expertise
  • Deep experience in focus, in-person training
  • More than 200 years of combined industry knowledge
  • Certification program
  • Broad variety of training programs (comp, engine, FFT, diesel, SUAT – Start up assistance training)
  • Custom training
  • Live Machine Diagnostic (MD) software examples

Companies need trained analysts to monitor and optimize performance, minimize failures and process upsets, and diagnose critical and essential equipment needs. Our computer-based training connects you with the domain knowledge of our subject matter experts through these targeted modules to drive value for you and your operations.

*Windrock will still offer in person training classes

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