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ChampionX Variable Rod Pump (VRP)

Optimize CSG well performance from initial dewatering to late-stage production 

Managing highly variable water production rates is one of the main operating challenges in Australian coal seam gas development. The ChampionX Variable Rod Pump (VRP) is an evolutionary solution engineered specifically for the unique demands of Australian CSG assets. It is designed to maximize rod pumping efficiency at every phase of the well lifecycle—from dewatering to late-stage production. The VRP’s application range is as dynamic as your CSG wells!

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Maximum pumping flexibility = maximum well performance

Extended operating range
Extended operating range

Extended operating range

‘Variable’ is in the VRP’s name for good reason! The system efficiently produces across a range from 5 bbl/d all the way to 380 bbl/d, with the flexibility to easily adapt as a well’s production needs change.
Adjustable stroke lengths
Adjustable stroke lengths

Adjustable stroke lengths

Stroke length can be adjusted digitally to a maximum length of 196 inches.* Programmable stroke positioning allows tagging in solids-laden wells, and a manual JOG feature assists in troubleshooting wells and getting them back online! * Smallest VRP model
Optimizable pump speeds
Optimizable pump speeds

Optimizable pump speeds

Pump speeds can be adjusted digitally between 0 and 5 strokes/minute to optimize well performance. Speeds can also be programmed individually for different parts of the stroke cycle.

Evolutionary solution for revolutionary CSG performance results

ChampionX Artificial Lift’s Asia Pacific team developed the Variable Rod Pump with one defined purpose in mind: To help Australian operators optimize CSG production. By seamlessly integrating all the components―surface assembly and motor, downhole pump, controller, and optimization software ― with comprehensive local technical support, the VRP towers above the field as a new purpose-fit solution to help customers achieve higher-level CSG production outcomes.

The VRP seamlessly integrates:

  • VRP surface unit and tower
  • Induction motor or energy-efficient permanent magnet motor (PMM)
  • Harbison-Fischer® downhole rod pump
  • SMARTEN™ programmable controller
  • XSPOC™ optimization software

Stroke length/speed are digitally adjustable through the SMARTEN controller:

  • Operational range from 5 bbl/d to 380 bbl/d, with the ability to quickly adapt to changing well requirements
  • Stroke length adjustable to a maximum 196 inches and speed adjustable to 5 strokes/min
  • Programmable stroke length/speed enables increased operational flexibility to manage any stroke cycle, or even different parts of a cycle

The VRP's integral safety features include:

  • Enhanced fail-safe braking on the reciprocating mechanism
  • Easily adjustable weight box
  • Low-maintenance requirements
  • Unique ‘roll-back’ capability that allows the tower unit to roll away from the wellhead for improved accessibility to service rigs

The VRP is designed for Australian CSG wells and supported by Australian engineers and technicians.

Complete integrated solution in a streamlined package

The VRP is a fully interconnected solution that encompasses all primary hardware and software components, including surface and downhole pump equipment, wellsite controller to digitally adjust stroke length and speed, and the physics-based diagnostics software to continuously optimize operations. The streamlined design builds safety features and energy efficiency into an easily transportable skid package to simplify installation and commissioning and get your CSG wells up and running at full potential.

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