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SMARTEN Variable Speed Drives

Invest in a SMARTER surface control system

Surface control systems are essential to optimize production and to protect downhole ESP equipment. But, they typically account for a significant part of the total system cost and pose the greatest safety threat for field personnel.
Not anymore.

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SMARTEN™ Enclosures at a manufacturing facility.

Make the smart choice to control your downhole ESP system

Optimize your production and protect your ESP
Optimize your production and protect your ESP

Optimize your production and protect your ESP

Count on the latest controls software capabilities to keep your ESP running smoothly and your production at optimal rates.
Reduce your total cost of ownership
Reduce your total cost of ownership

Reduce your total cost of ownership

Control all types of ESP motors and all major forms of lift over the life of your well while optimizing power costs.
Keep field personnel safe
Keep field personnel safe

Keep field personnel safe

Protect field technicians from exposure to high voltage equipment.

Count on our proven track record…for any operational scenario

More than 1,300 SMARTEN™ variable speed drives (VSD) are in operation throughout the United States, controlling all ESP providers’ downhole systems as well as ESPs employing induction and permanent magnet motors.

Count on our proven track record…for any operational scenario

SMARTEN VSDs are built tough to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Count on our proven track record…for any operational scenario

SMARTEN VSDs provide all the power you need for high-volume initial production and wells with production down to 50 BPD.

Count on our proven track record…for any operational scenario

SMARTEN variable speed drives are designed, manufactured, tested, and installed in accordance with UL safety standards. Additional listings are available where required.

  • Optimize your production
    • Mitigate gas locking to reduce downtime and improve ESP run life
    • Use PID (cruise) control feature to set a variety of ESP operating parameters to prevent system cycling and to keep production rates at optimum levels
  • Improve ESP run life and efficiency with true sine wave output that lowers motor winding and transformer heating by 10%
  • Reduce CAPEX costs with one full-featured controller for the life of your well
    • Operates ESP systems with induction or permanent magnet motors with no modifications
    • Operates rod lift systems, progressing cavity pumping systems, and jet pump systems
  • Reduce field installation time and costs and guarantee installation accuracy with SMARTEN low-harmonic VSD solutions
  • Avoid costly utility penalties by maintaining a constant high-input power factor and by optimizing the current and voltage waveforms to comply with IEEE-519-2014 standards
  • Protect field personnel with our touch-safe compartment
    • Allows technicians to service equipment with no exposure to dangerous high-voltage elements
    • Reduces heat buildup in the electronics
  • Allow field technicians to access the controller’s full capabilities remotely via local Wi-Fi connectivity through a standard, secure web browser to reduce trips to the field and exposure to electrical components

Depend on a surface control system with unmatched flexibility

THE SMARTEN VSD is the industry’s only control system with software and hardware features that effectively manage production rates, extend downhole equipment run life, and keep field personnel safe.

SMARTEN drives control ESP systems using an induction or permanent magnet motor with no modifications required, and smaller sized options operate all widely used forms of artificial lift.

UNBRIDLED ESP power services

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, which is why we employ electrical experts to provide engineering services other companies don’t. Let our team of experienced artificial lift electrical engineers help lower your costs and improve your operations. We offer:

  • Power quality studies
  • ESP reliability studies
  • Electrical safety studies

Fill out the form below, a representative will send you the document and be in contact with you shortly after submitting.

Trucks outside of SMARTEN™ VSD in the Permian.
UNBRIDLED ESP SMARTEN™ warehouse with VSD inside.

Tested for quality and performance

UNBRIDLED ESP Systems R&D capabilities allow our engineers to qualify surface control systems technology electrically and environmentally. The lab includes:

  • A heat chamber to test in all environmental conditions
  • Power quality analyzers
  • Equipment to test VSDs at full load, up to 500 kVA
  • Software testing in simulated real-world environments

Unmatched controls brain power and muscle

In the lab, in the shop, and in the field no VSD provider has the extensive knowledge and experience of the UNBRIDLED ESP Systems' surface controls team.

  • >100 years experience in VSD design and operation
  • Expert control software developers
  • Expert technicians to repair any provider’s VSD
  • Knowledgeable, trained field service teams to keep your VSD running
Championx  ESP variable speed controllers inside unbridled warehouse.

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