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Bloodhound Gas Lift Optimization

Bloodhound™ gas lift optimizer is specifically designed to accelerate the recovery of oil in onshore gas-lifted wells. It uses a proprietary, patent-pending “hunting” algorithm designed to simulate reservoir inflow based on iterative automatic analysis of flowing bottom-hole pressures to determine optimal gas injection rates. Unlike current methods, which use infrequent well test information, the PCS Ferguson Bloodhound optimizer continuously improves the efficiency of gas lift performance by leveraging readings from a permanent downhole gauge. This unique approach accommodates varying surface conditions and downhole conditions as the well rapidly declines.

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The impact of automated control management​

Frequent changes to well dynamics and surface conditions demand continuous supervision and management to maximize production and minimize operating expenses.

Operators using the PCS Ferguson Bloodhound algorithm have realized the following benefits:

  • Greater BHP draw down during the initial production phase
  • 5 - 10% increases in production, under ideal circumstance, in the first year
  • Faster recovery to stable flowing conditions after shutdowns / restarts
  • Reduced gas consumption in wells previously over-injecting
ChampionX workers installing a gas list system at a well.

Automatic execution of kickoff and unloading procedures​.

Gas injection rate determination using minimal variable inputs​.

Maximize bottomhole pressure draw down using a variety of variable inputs​.

Leverage historical data to help predict future outcomes.

Driving the evolution of gas lift operations​

PCS Ferguson has helped drive the evolution of gas lift automation and operations. With the increased popularity of this most natural flowing lift technique, we believe that how you operate the well is as important as the mechanical design itself. Sophisticated and proprietary digital solutions provide operators with not only the industry’s best methods to operate gas lift wells but also increased efficiencies from commingled delivery systems.

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