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AnX Coiled Rod

Combat corrosion at every turn

Rod string corrosion damage in PCP and rod pumped wells costs operators millions of dollars each year in collective remediation expenses and lost revenues. But corrosion has finally met its match. Pro-Rod’s AnX™ coiled rod combats corrosion at every turn while enhancing frictional properties along the length of the string to keep your wells pumping – even in the harshest environments!

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Longer Run Times, Fewer Workovers

Mitigate your downtime risk
Mitigate your downtime risk

Mitigate your downtime risk

Reduce well downtime risk exposure by mitigating the primary cause of rod string failure in PCP and rod pump wells: corrosion
Protect your revenue stream
Protect your revenue stream

Protect your revenue stream

Prolong coiled rod service life and reduce dynamic friction to keep failure-prone wells online and generating revenue
Increase your bottom line
Increase your bottom line

Increase your bottom line

Eliminate frequent workovers and unplanned expenditures associated with damaged rod strings

AnX Coiled Rod

Active protection for proactive corrosion damage prevention

Featuring a continuous anodic surface coating that directly participates in the electrochemical aspects of corrosion, AnX actively protects the coiled rod’s base steel to maximize durability and achieve longer mean run times between failures – particularly in wells with histories of corrosion-related rod and tubing problems.

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A new approach to an old problem

AnX coiled rod represents a new approach to help solve one of the industry’s most persistent problems: preventing corrosion damage to sucker rods. Learn about the advanced materials science behind the technology, and review field trial results from a high-CO2 content well that demonstrate how AnX:

  • Improved rod run times
  • Eliminated frequent workovers

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Engineered for aggressive well conditions

Applicable to vertical, horizontal, and directional wells on PCP or rod pumps with corrosive downhole conditions

Engineered for aggressive well conditions

Suitable for high bottom-hole temperatures and EOR methods, including steam injection applications

Engineered for aggressive well conditions

Available in multiple steel grades using Pro-Rod’s established coiled rod product lines for reciprocating and rotating applications

Engineered for aggressive well conditions

Compatible with conventional production chemicals, including inhibitors, solvents, and biocides

  • Continuous rod string protection – even in sections with exposed steel
  • Reduced dynamic friction –  less drag and higher tolerance to abrasives
  • Extended rod service life –  increased production uptime
  • Lower LOE – fewer workovers
  • Seamless solution – no special handling or installation equipment
  • Disposable / recyclable –  no special requirements for retired rod strings
  • No downstream impacts – barrier coatings can become unbonded and create issues in surface facilities and flowlines

Answer corrosion’s challenge with AnX

The rod string is the backbone of your production operation, but corrosion is constantly challenging the integrity of steel rod. One problem point can shut down the entire operation. With Pro-Rod’s AnX, you can safeguard your rod string – and by extension, your production stream – from the destructive effects of corrosion. Whether producing vertical wells with corrosive fluids or horizontals with high-dog leg severities and sideloading forces, answer the challenge of rod string corrosion with AnX!

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