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SMARTEN Variable Speed Drive for Progressive Cavity Pumps

Take your PCP wells to a new performance level with SMARTEN PCP Automation Solution

Oil Lift Technology progressive cavity pump systems are engineered to deliver highly efficient operations under even the harshest well conditions. However, by integrating Oil Lift’s standard-setting PCP technology with Theta’s industry-leading SMARTEN™ platform, ChampionX’s new SMARTEN variable speed drive for PCPs is delivering a powerful new automation solution to optimize productivity around the clock and elevate bottom-line measurables.

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Make the SMART choice for your PCP wells

Keep right on target
Keep right on target

Keep right on target

Real-time rotating speed and torque analysis keeps your PCP system in the sweet spot with automated control
Leverage a wealth of data
Leverage a wealth of data

Leverage a wealth of data

Industry-best storage capacity puts rich well datasets at your fingertips for comprehensive analysis and trending
Stay connected with your well
Stay connected with your well

Stay connected with your well

Remote login lets you access data and implement programming changes without traveling to location


Keep your wells operating on target

By equipping a PCP well with a SMARTEN™ variable speed drive, operators can leverage automated control to protect downhole and surface equipment, ensure wellsite integrity and safety, and improve PCP performance by automatically maintaining critical parameters–including rpm and torque–within a targeted range.

The controller’s simple, intuitive navigation menu provides easy access and inputs, with customizable functions to tailor automated PCP control to match a specific well’s exact needs and operational profile.

Leverage a wealth of data for in-depth analysis

SMARTEN sets the industry benchmark for data storage capacity, giving operators the ability to analyze high-resolution datasets and extract actionable well intelligence to guide operational decision making. The best-in-class memory enables data logging at recording intervals as frequent as one-second for complete visibility into key wellsite optimization variables.

Stay in touch with your PCP wells

With the SMARTEN Live feature, you can remotely access the controller using either a cellular or local Wi-Fi connection to make operational adjustments to the PCP system as if you were on location. SMARTEN empowers you to connect to your PCP wells anytime of day or night no matter where you are located or how inhospitable local weather conditions may be at the wellsite.

Optimize well performance and PCP run times through automated control:

  • Maintains optimal drivehead rpm based on real-time polished rod speed
  • Manages high/low shutdown or ride-through referencing live torque from rod string and rotor/stator
  • Adjusts restart times via rod backspin data
  • Measures fluid flow rates to determine ideal pump speeds (when equipped with flowmeter at surface)

Remotely adjust operational parameters and view rich well data :

  • Industry-leading data storage capacity
  • Remote programming access
  • High-frequency data logging

Configure automated control based on specific well requirements

  • Customizable programmable functions
  • User-defined alarms / notifications
  • Flexibility to adapt over well’s life cycle, including converting from PCP to rod lift

Seamlessly connect SMARTEN for PCP to:

  • XSPOC™ optimization software
  • iChem™ chemical injection solutions
  • Wellsite camera and other optional hardware packages
  • Standard wellsite safety shutdown process controls

Raise the bar on PCP well productivity

The SMARTEN VSD’s automated control, remote connectivity, data management, and real-time analytical capabilities combine to keep your PCP wells dialed into the operational sweet spot and elevate “all-the-time” productivity to help your assets reliably meet their bottom-line objectives.

A solution for any PCP well application

Every PCP well is a little different with its own set of operational challenges. That’s why ChampionX developed the SMARTEN for PCP portfolio with a full range of solutions to address all your automation needs, including variable speed drives, standalone controllers, and communications and accessories. Our team collaborates with you to understand your production objectives and deliver a solution that will help you get the most from all your PCP assets.

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