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Subsurface Rod Pump Components

Optimize your rod pumping operations with the wide array of high-quality products from Harbison-Fisher®. Our engineered pump components deliver efficiency and increase your sucker rod pump run life in varying conditions.

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Harbison-Fischer rod pumps inn a warehouse.

Reduce your OPEX, improve your production

Meets industry standards
Meets industry standards

Meets industry standards

Our rod pump components are manufactured to meet or exceed industry API standards.
Extend the life of your lift system
Extend the life of your lift system

Extend the life of your lift system

Our high-quality products excel in challenging abrasive and corrosive conditions.
Wide arrange of applications
Wide arrange of applications

Wide arrange of applications

Count on subsurface rod pump parts for any pump configuration.

New Product Release

QuadPro Plunger

In wells with challenging downhole conditions, you need a plunger that can resist the effects of sand and other abrasive and corrosive particles. Harbison-Fischer® developed the QuadPro™ plunger, which offers a significant improvement over traditional hard-coated plungers in four main areas: Sand tolerance wear reduction, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance.

QUADPRO™ Plunger in a downhole well animation image.

New Product Release

Harbison-Fischer’s HFX Cage

Optimize your pump’s efficiency and increase run time.​ Harbison-Fischer’s new patent pending single-piece HFX™ cage is engineered to raise the rod pumping standard in solids and gas well conditions by optimizing fluid flow dynamics and minimizing the energy loss during a rod pump's valve opening/closing. 

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Performance differentiated by superior quality and world-class manufacturing

Whether your well has a problem with sand, corrosion, gas locking, or some other unique challenge, we have the experience, expertise, and extensive range of products to ensure the best possible fit for each application. Our commitment to manufacturing precision consistently delivers the performance our customers need, earning us the reputation of providing The Best Pumps in the Oil Patch™.

Our barrels have the most consistent hardness, inside diameter, and thread size for all sucker rod pumping applications.

  • Available in common sizes ranging from 1 1/6-in. through 4¾-in.
  • Adheres to all API dimensions and exceeds API quality standards
  • Available in various standard and corrosion-resistant metallurgies and coatings

Our sucker rod pump plungers are made from medium carbon, high-strength steel, and are sprayed with a nickel-base coating to provide a hard, long-wearing, corrosion-resistant surface.

  • Adheres to all API dimensions and and exceeds all API quality standards
  • Available in diameter sizes ranging from 1¼-in. to 3¾-in.
  • Multiple configurations available to provide additional corrosion and abrasion resistance

Patented Sand-Flush™ plunger

  • Designed to handle tough solids environments
  • Down-stroke: Sand particles are forced away from the leading edge of the plunger due to the flushing action
  • Upstroke: Close-fitting and beveled leading edge keeps particles from building up at the leading edge

QuadPro™ plunger

  • Engineered with a unique proprietary hard coating
  • Seventeen times more abrasion resistant under ASTM G65
  • Resists abrasion in solid-rich pumping environments

We offer a range of valve cages in various materials and designs to withstand abrasion, corrosion, and high pressure.

  • One-piece cages are available in high-strength alloys for high-pressure pumping conditions, 303/304 stainless steel for corrosive service, and 316 stainless steel to withstand corrosive pitting environments
  • Brass and Monel are recommended for more corrosive conditions, with Monel having the strength of carbon steel
  • Rubber-lined cages for hard pumping conditions
  • Precision insert-guided cages made from tough, corrosion-resistant Stellite† alloys

Our double valves incorporate two valves in series, which provides a backup fluid check valve in the event that the primary valve is obstructed with particulates and cannot effectively close.

† Stellite is a trademark of Kennametal Inc.

Harbison-Fischer is the original manufacturer of balls and seats for subsurface rod pumps.

  • Materials available include DuMore™, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, chromium carbide, silicon nitride, and stainless steel to accommodate any pump environment
  • Cup-type seal assembly is popular for its ease of seating and unseating as well as its API standardization
  • Type "O" seal
    • Best used in pumps that require greater clearance for a valve rod, pull tube, or viscous fluids
  • Mechanical seal assemblies are used for high-temperature applications or installations that require a greater initial hold-down force
Sand flush product image.

Protect your seal surfaces from sand abrasion

In the Permian basin, pump life is limited by solids cutting and wearing on the barrel and plunger. The wear from particulates eventually affects the pump’s sealing interface. Learn how our Sand-Flush™ plunger improves durability and longevity of your rod system compared to the standard plunger.

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