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DigiUltra Controls

Keeping your chemical pumps running at the optimal dosage rate extends equipment run life and optimizes well production. But, how do you know your system is dosing at the optimal rate? Do you have the remote visibility in existing systems to monitor and control your chemical injection system?

The DigiUltra control system is the most cost-effective solution in the industry, purposefully designed for the optimization of single point injection applications. The DigiUltra controller with iChem™ enabled chemical optimization logic is built to enable safe operations, enhanced visibility, and LOE savings on your chemical program.

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DigiUltra Controller

Optimize your chemical program and spend

Monitor tank levels
Monitor tank levels

Monitor tank levels

Monitor up to 2 Tank level devices with cost-effective pressure gauges that provide ∓ 95% level accuracy.
Integrate with industry platforms
Integrate with industry platforms

Integrate with industry platforms

Seamlessly integrate with industry platforms like XSPOC and Ignition to enable simple monitoring, control, & optimization.
Automate your injection flow rates
Automate your injection flow rates

Automate your injection flow rates

Proportionally control injection rates based on process variables such as flow rates or temperature to optimize your chemical program.

Plug and play integration with XSPOC, most SCADA platforms

  • Integrate seamlessly with XSPOC with pre-built HMIs for monitoring and control
  • Monitor injection rates, tank levels and system diagnostics.  Trend any system input or output.
  • Control injection rates remotely
  • Enable dynamic volume control, utilizing XSPOC production data to match to injection rate
  • Feed data directly from XSPOC to ChampionX’s cloud solution, for additional monitoring and control capabilities.

Cloud-based platform for additional monitoring & control

  • Monitor and control your system remotely, with ability to control setpoints or monitor system diagnostics.
  • Architecture compatible with industry platforms – ability to feed data directly from XSPOC
  • Monitor and control KPIs
    • Asset snapshot
    • System health
    • Inventory
    • Proportional control
    • Setpoint vs. actual injection

Wellmark Controller Comparison Table

* XSPOC Integration includes Pre-configured screens and mapping; Dynamic Injection based on Production Data

* Cloud Ready – preconfigured for Spotlight Enterprise Connection

* Calculated Injection Rates - Enter setpoint target directly in QPD

* Auto Flow Rate - Enter setpoint target directly in QPD

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