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Quartz Pressure Transducer 

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  • Calibrations available up to 30 kpsi and 200 °C
  • Digital I2C and Frequency Output
  • High temperature ASIC hybrid circuit (survival at up to 275 °C)
  • The flagship sensor for intelligent completions
  • Weldable nose for robust tool integration
  • Weldable back-end for external pressure applications
  • NACE MP35N and Alloy 625 construction for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Tightly coupled temperature and pressure sensing for improved transient response
  • < 2 psi drift per year for a 10 kpsi transducer
XP ¾ Inch OD Transducer
  • Calibrations available up to 30 kpsi and 200 °C
  • Threaded, metal to metal pressure seal
  • Protected bellows
  • Digital I2C and Frequency output options
  • Alloy 625 wetted parts as per NACE
  • Tightly coupled temperature and pressure sensors for improved transient performance
  • Great for production logging tools
  • < 2 psi drift per year for a 10 kpsi transducer


Mid Size 7/8 Inch OD Transducer

Standard Precision

  • Calibrations available up to 30K and 177 °C
  • 0.02% full-scale accuracy
  • Digital I2C output
  • Precision Quartz performance in a very small, compact size
  • NACE MP35N and Alloy 625 Construction
  • < 2 psi of drift per year

Low Precision

  • 30 kpsi and 177 °C Calibration
  • 0.1% full scale accuracy
  • Small, compact size
  • High value circuit mounted custom ASIC silicon temperature sensor
  • Great for pressure while drilling (PWD) applications
  • MP35N and Alloy 625 construction for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Bellows or Diaphragm configurations

High Temp, Frequency Output Custom ASIC Silicon Temperature Sensor

Micro 1/2 Inch OD Transducers
  • Secondary pressure standard for in-house calibrations
  • Low drift and highly sensitive for laboratory applications
  • Calibrations available up to 30 kpsi and 85 °C
  • Can be locally certified to better performance levels than the Quartzdyne calibrations even to 0.01% of reading over the range of 10% FS to 90% FS+
  • These units are delivered with two sets of coefficients: a field range from -40 °C to 85 °C and a lab range from 0 °C to 40 °C


Lab Transducer


Offshore rig at sunset.


For completions

The long-term stability and reliability of Quartzdyne pressure transducers are ideal for intelligent completions and permanent downhole monitoring. Our quartz pressure transducer delivers precision data that enables production optimization and enhanced recovery. Quartzdyne is the elite standard for downhole precision pressure measurement throughout the world.

Drilling a well.


For drilling

Quartzdyne pressure transducers are used in many different ways related to oil and gas drilling. MWD (measurements while drilling), PWD (pressure while drilling), DST (drill stem testing) and LWD (logging while drilling) applications will all benefit from the high precision of quartz.

Oil well site location.


For production logging

Our advanced expertise and experience with quartz crystal technology enable us to provide high-quality transducers with minimal drift at the high temperatures and pressures often found in oil and gas wells. Applications such as Memory Tools, Repeat Formation Testers, Production Logging Tools, and Wireline/Geological Logging Tools all benefit from the high sensitivity, high stability, high resolution, and fast response time these gauges provide.

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