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Auto-Mate Butterfly Valves

With Auto-Mate butterfly valves from Norriseal, you get all the performance advantages of the renowned Norriseal valve design in a convenient configuration that saves time and money every time you install, actuate or maintain them. What’s more, you get complete technical support for specifying your valves and optimizing them for your application.

  • Standard mounting flange with multiple ISO mounting patterns adds versatility and reduces inventory requirements
  • Square and double D shafts simplify use with a variety of actuators
  • Hold plate provides positive seal retention, independent of the actuator
  • Valve can be installed in open or closed position
  • Worn valves are rebuilt using only a wrench and screwdriver
  • Rigid-backed rubber seats are easily replaced in the field
  • Shaft retention screws offer added safety while servicing the valve
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Auto-Mate Butterfly Valves


  • Angle disc provides 360° uninterrupted differential sealing surface
  • Fully bi-directional, positive-shutoff
  • High flow coefficient (Cv)
  • Long service life due to angle-disc design
  • Double-shaft seals and body bushings assure smooth, low-torque operation
  • Independent flange seals
  • Rigid drive, precision disc-to-shaft connection
  • PTFE-lined bushings for low seating torque and smooth valve positioning


  • Pressure ratings: 200 psi and 285 psi
  • Sizes: 3 in. to 12 in.
  • Body: non-wetted, ductile iron in lug or wafer designs
  • Seats: metal or resilient
  • Variety of disc materials
  • Actuation: pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuation

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