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Compressor Leak Insights

Reciprocating compressor valve gas leaks are early indicators of potentially critical—and costly—malfunctions, but detecting the leaks early is key. The ChampionX Compressor Leak Insights™ AI model identifies leaks earlier than traditional threshold alarms—delivering a proactive approach to help you reduce maintenance and production costs.*

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Compressor leak insights

The first commercial off-the-shelf pre-trained AI model for midstream applications.

Fast, reliable detection
Fast, reliable detection

Fast, reliable detection

Detect leaks earlier than traditional alarms traditional alarms
Easy deployment
Easy deployment

Easy deployment

Deploy in days with ready-to-go package
Quick ROI
Quick ROI

Quick ROI

Reduce costs by 43% per average leak event
  • Detects valve leaks earlier than traditional threshold alarms traditional threshold alarms
  • Increases preparedness due to early warnings
  • Delivers up to 93% accuracy rate
  • Deploy in days, rather than weeks, with ready-to-go package†
  • Provides immediate visibility across a vast fleet with high scalability
  • Connects easily to existing assets and is architectured to fit your infrastructure
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing processing historians
  • Reduces costs by 43% per average leak event
  • Reduces catastrophic failure events by 91%
  • Delivers internal rate of return between 49 and 2400%
  • Allows you to optimize route planning for targeted alert assets, so your engineering teams can focus on high impact assets

Reduce maintenance and production costs

Jointly developed with DCP Midstream, Compressor Leak Insights is the first commercial off-the-self, pre-trained AI model built specifically for midstream applications. Rather than waiting for scheduled maintenance and risk the chance of costly problems such as overheating and flow reduction, take proactive actions with early valve leak detection.

Proven Results

DCP Midstream deployed the Compressor Leak Insights AI model across four key regions, with 75 assets in production.

Within five months, they realized $200,000 in savings‡.


*All data information related to Compressor Leak Insights is based on DCP field testing.

†Integrates with existing process historians and supports industry protocols such as Modbus, MQTT, and other legacy systems.

‡Based on potential costs associated with an undetected leak.

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