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Enterprise Enable your 6400

Windrock-6400 Enterprise provides actionable insights and predictive advisories on the data collected with a portable analyzer, using Key Performance Indicators, sourced from operational data across the enterprise.

Enterprise Enable your 6400

Solution overview

6400 Enterprise allows an analyst to upload data from any machine to a single dashboard. The dashboard allows the analyst to compare KPIs across their fleet. In addition, it can help reliability programs with analyst workloads and territory size, as well as compliance to ensure all assets are being monitored and analyzed for deficiencies.


• Visibility of assets being monitored and analyzed
• Metrics based decision making by being able to define operational KPIs and having them available anytime, anywhere
• Increased insight and collaboration by allowing collection and information flow to subject matter experts, wherever they are

Key capabilities:

Multi-product data correlation

Data from all Windrock products can be accessed in a single program. Data from a portable analyzer can be easily compared to data from a Spotlight system.

Winrock 6400 analyzer and Spotlight compressor and engine.

Fleet management

The dashboard will show how often and when the last time an asset was sampled by the portable analyzer. This can help a company’s reliability program optimize the analysis schedule of their fleet to ensure all assets are being analyzed per their predetermined interval.

Territory management

The dashboard will show how many assets an analyzer is sampling and how often the data is uploaded. This can help a company’s reliability program determine and configure their analyst territory so they can most efficiently sample all of their assets without overworking an employee. It will help determine if an analyst has too many assets to analyze during a predetermined interval.

Data storage

The cloud will offer unlimited data storage so a company doesn’t have to worry about having space on their network to store years’ worth of data. In addition, the dashboard offers a place for an analyst to store all the documentation for a given asset to include project files, reports, drawings, etc.

Compliance management

The dashboard is tracking what assets are being analyzed, when, and how often which allows managers to ensure their analyst are working effectively to analyze each asset in their territory.


Both high and low warnings and alarms can be configured within the dashboard per asset. Once a new set of data is uploaded for an asset if a parameter is in warning or alarm the dashboard will automatically update.

Shared data

Currently, most companies have an issue with an analyst having the data for the assets in their territory stored on their computer. When another analyst wants to view the data they have to zip up the data and email it which then becomes a problem of the size of the data file being sent. The data is bi-directional from Enterprise to the portable analyzer. This allows setups and configurations to be shared across analyzers for efficiency.

Asset framework

Once the data is uploaded to the cloud it can easily be made available to the customer PI system.

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