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Continuous Monitoring for Engines

Introducing our new Spotlight Monitoring System for Engines! The same great product for compressors is now available for engines, so you can have a complete picture of your reciprocating assets in a single application. Users manually set alarm thresholds and windowed bands based on unique machine geometry and installation parameters.

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Spotlight for engines

Control and Compatibility

Compatible with MD Optimo analytical software,the industry standard for more than 25 years as well as with the Windrock Enterprise platform for easy operational analysis

Spotlight engine

Now monitoring your entire asset

Quick & easy installation

Up and running in no time

A plug-and-play solution that can be installed and operating in as little as half a day saves you time and resources.
Workforce optimizer

Work smart, not hard

The Spotlight Monitoring System helps mitigate analyst attrition by expanding your data collection footprint across more assets.
MD Optimo and Enterprise Compatible

Part of your ecosystem

Compatible with both MD Optimo and Windrock Enterprise, Spotlight can also integrate with other control networks and historians, creating a seamless transition between old and new technology.
IIoT enabled with artificial intelligence modeling

Smart data to help your bottom line

With AI algorithms to predict and pinpoint failures long before they happen, you avoid the cost of catastrophic failure and repair.
Valve train monitoring

See what’s happening with your valve train

Segmental vibration allows trending of events related to valve train health (loose lash, tight last, valve recession, etc.) for quick identification of problems.
Power cylinder mechanical condition

Identify the type of wear

Segmental vibration analysis to detect power cylinder mechanical problems such as piston slap and ring/liner wear.

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