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Making Emission Detection Simple

Optical Gas Imaging | AURA OGI™

Crafted by one of the pioneering minds behind Optical Gas Imaging technology, and meticulously constructed by ChampionX, the AURA OGI™ is a ground breaking MidWave InfraRed (MWIR) Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera on the market today.

With its imaging capabilities soaring to new heights, AURA OGI™ captures images in a resolution surpassing that of its competitors by a remarkable fourfold (4X) factor. This leap in clarity enhances its capacity to uncover even the subtlest nuances, empowering seamless detection and meticulous documentation of gas leaks. 

Designed for efficient and consistent identification and recording of leaks, with the precision required for rigorous audit trails. The inclusion of built-in smart routes and navigation allows a comprehensive approach to leak detection, ensuring that no potential concern or emission remains undetected. 

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  • Designed with minimal repair time in mind 
  • Does not require annual calibration (Sensor doesn’t need it and continuously does it in the field) 
  • 640x512 pixel MWIR resolution on Class1/Div2 8” HD Industrial Touchscreen tablet compared to a leading competitor’s 640X480 4.5” display.
  • Remote viewing tablet allows senior OGI tech to train and certify newer OGI operators
    • Full bidirectional remote control and monitoring of the AURA OGI™ camera
  • AI-based ‘learning mode’ allows an experienced LDAR supervisor to perform the site survey once and then less experienced LDAR operators to accurately replicate the survey time after time
  • Rangefinder Distance Measurement
  • Background Temperature Measurement
  • HD Visible Light video camera
  • High-resolution Midwave
  • InfraRed Hydrocarbon sensing
  • Integrated Navigation System 
  • Drivers  
    • New regulations
      • Camera built to meet the upcoming requirements of OOOOb and OOOOc
      • Helps customers meet 40CFR Part 60 - Appendix K requirements
      • Compliant with the Inflation Reduction Act/Methane Emission Reduction Program
  • OOOOa certified MWIR sensor
    • Compliance with Method 21 and Canada Directive 060
  • Find the leak first (before media, EPA or your investors) 
  • Rugged and high-resolution 
  • Built by experts 
  • Enhances training and auditing efficiency
  • WiFi connectivity to external weather stations and other data sources
  • Compressed / efficient storage of video and still images with metadata directly encoded from the camera 

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