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Series 8760P and 8760E Valve Controllers (Positioners)

Series 8760 Valve Controllers (Positioners) provide an intelligent approach to valve control applications. The product series is modular in concept, built on the base pneumatic unit, the Series 8760P. The Electro-Pneumatic model, Series 8760E, is created by adapting an I/P transducer to the base unit.

The Series 8760P is designed to provide a universal approach to valve control. The design provides cam characterization, split ranging, direct or reverse action and single or double output without the need to add additional parts. Key features of the design are the non-interaction of the zero and span adjustments, and the positive cam locking mechanism. This turns calibration of the Models 8760P and 8760E into two easy steps.

All models of the Series 8760 valve controllers have provisions for mounting of internal limit switches as well as position feedback devices without the need for additional housings. Stacking of housings that impede access to adjustments in the main enclosure are eliminated.

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Series 8760P and 8760E Valve Controllers (Positioners)


  • Modular construction
  • Field convertible
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Universal mounting
  • Internal limit switches and feedback devices


Physical Specifications

  • Temperature Range:
    -40 to 185° F (-40 to 85° C)
  • Ingress:
    NEMA 4X std.
  • Connections:
    Pneumatic – 1⁄4” NPT
    Gauge – 1⁄8” NPT
    Electrical – 3⁄4” NPT, 25 mm
    Exhaust – 1⁄4” NPT
  • Finish:
    Epoxy/polyester powder coat
  • Output Configuration:
    Single or double acting
  • Action:
    Direct or reverse
  • Supply Pressure:
    150 psig max.
  • Air Consumption:
    0.5 scfm typical
  • Flow Capacity:
    9.0 scfm(Cv=0.3) Standard
    18.0 scfm (Cv=0.6)
    optional high-flow
  • Input Signal:
    8760P: 3-15 psig, 6-30 psig, up to 50% split range
    8760E: 4-20 mA, up to 50% split range
  • Feedback Signal:
    90°, rotary std. 1⁄2” to 6” rectilinear optional
  • Feedback Configuration:
    Cam characterization
  • Pressure Gain:
    160% @ 60 psig supply standard
  • Span:
    Adjustable -60% to +25% of normal span
  • Zero:
    Adjustable -10% to +60% of normal span
  • Performance Specifications

  • Linearity(Independent):
    8760P: 0.5% of normal span (typical)
    8760E: 0.75% of normal span (typical)
  • Hysteresis:
    8760P: 0.75% of normal span (typical)
    8760E: 1.0% of normal span (typical)
  • Deadband:
    Less than or equal to 0.25% of span
  • Repeatability:
    |Within 0.5% of valve travel
  • Supply Pressure Effect:
    Less than 0.2% of span for a 5 psig change in supply pressure

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