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2021 Flow Control Throttling

The Wellmark Throttling Valve is designed to function as a pressure control valve, and will handle pressure drops up to 4500 psi liquid and 2200 psi gas. It has been used widely in gas gathering systems to regulate flow, CO2, and steam injection systems, as well as in low, medium, and high-pressure separators.


Most control valves operate similar to the nozzle on a garden hose. When the valve is set to a partially closed or choked position, the flow of fluid decreases in pressure and in turn increases in velocity. This high velocity stream causes two problems: mechanical erosion or wear and a highly destructive process called cavitation. After sustained use, these processes will result in premature valve failure.

The 2021 Series’ unique throttling choke valve design remedies these self-destructive processes by channeling the fluid into a cylinder through opposing slots in its sides; thus, allowing each mini-stream to impinge on itself, changing the otherwise high velocity laminar flow into a disrupted non-linear stream, eliminating the destructive effects of erosion and cavitation. The plug also provides extraordinary accurate control to less than 0.1%. The result is long valve life and highly reliable precision control.

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2021 Flow Control Throttling


  • Anti-Cavitating Plug Design
  • Manual or Electric Actuation
  • “Y” or Angle Style Body: Carbon or Stainless Steel
  • Multiple Orifice Sizes
  • Low Torque at High Differential Pressure
  • Wide Cv Range: 3.2 – 95



  • 1″: Series 2021-1
  • 2″: Series 2021-2
  • 3″: Series 2021-3
  • Working Pressure: 5000 psi Max.
  • Max Pressure Drops: 4500 psi Liquid, 2200 psi Gas
  • Temperature: -20˚F to +450˚F Standard
  • Body Configuration: “Y”, Angle (Top Entry)
  • End Connection: NPT, Socket-Weld, Flanged
  • Trim: Linear Cage
  • Flow Direction: Over & Under Plug
  • Repeatablility: 2%
  • Shut off: Bubble Tight @ Rated Pressure
  • Actuation: Manual Handwheel or Electric Actuation

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