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Series 2220/2200 High Pressure Control Valve

Proven, “industry-standard” high-pressure control valve. Used to control liquid or gas pressure in separators, scrubbers or other types of pressure vessels.

Both Series 2200 and 2220 valves can be furnished with a variety of trims and end connections.

The Series 2200 has an open yoke which allows mounting of positioners, limit switches and other devices. It is also used in applications that require an exposed stem for accurate travel indication. The yoke allows the valve to be used for higher temperature ranges.

The Series 2220 is the close-coupled or yokeless, space saving version of the Series 2200. This series is ideal for controlling liquids on compressor scrubbers and housed production separators where space is at a premium.

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Series 2220/2200 High Pressure Control Valve


  • Close-coupled design conserves space
  • Hammer-nut entry allows quick access for trim inspection or replacement
  • Variety of trims, seal materials, and end connections
  • Patented spherical plug and matching seat for precise seating alignment
  • Quick-opening trim or throttling of modified or equal-percentage trim
  • Pressure-relief feature of hammer-nut/body connection improves safety


  • Body sizes: 1″, 2″, 2.06″ and 2.56″
  • Body material: ASTM A216 Gr. WCC, ASTM A351 Gr. CF8M, ASTM A352 Gr. LCC
  • Bonnet material: ASTM A696/C, 316 SST
  • Hammer Nut material: ASTM A105, ASTM A350 Gr. LF2, 316 SST
  • Stem material: Nitronic 50
  • Packing material: TFE V Ring, Viton/TFE, Fabric V Ring
  • Packing spring material: 316 SST, Inconel X750
  • Packing washer material: CSTL, 17- 4 PH
  • Packing retainer material: 17- 4 PH
  • O-ring wetted material: Nitrile, Aflas, Viton, HSN
  • Diaphragm material: Buna/Nylon, Neoprene/Nylon
  • O-Ring non-wetted material: Viton, HSN
  • Actuator spring material: Steel
  • Adjustment screw material: CSTL/PLtd., 316 SST
  • Diaphragm housing material: CSTL
  • Diaphragm plate material: CSTL
  • Travel indicator material: 303 SST

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