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Series 2700A General-Purpose Control Valve

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Globe-bodied, bolted-bonnet control valve family designed for a wide range of pressures, temperatures, materials and trims. These single-ported control valves have balanced, unbalanced and restricted-port trims for a variety of flow characteristics.

Includes three valve/actuator configurations: 2700A Standard, 2700E Extended Bonnet and 2720 Close-Coupled. Series 2700A valves are used in general control service for a wide range of pressures, temperatures and fluids. Series 2700E valves are used for low-temperature service down to –150°F (–101°C) or high-temperature service up to 800°F (427°C). Series 2720 valves provide the features of Series 2700A valves, but with a close-coupled, space-saving, economical design.

Both plug-control and cage-control trims are available in metal-to-metal or metal-to-composition seating material for Class VI shut-off. All trims are interchangeable within the valve body.

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Series 2700A General-Purpose Control Valve


2700A Control Valve

  • Balanced trims 1 inch and larger
  • Unbalanced trims 1 inch and smaller
  • Plug-control trims (modified percentage, quick opening)
  • Cage-control trims (linear, equal percentage, cavitation control, noise reduction)
  • Available with direct- or reverse-acting, yoke-mounted pneumatic diaphragm actuators
  • Trim options include erosion-resistant, soft-seat ring, noise abatement and cavitation control
  • Cage-control trim features dwell protected seat area
  • TFE V-ring packing (non-adjustable, spring-loaded)
  • Bolted closure bonnet

Series 2700E Extended Bonnet Control Valve

  • Includes all 2700A features
  • High and low temperature services
  • Special trim and seal materials

Direct- or Reverse-Acting Actuators (2700A, 2700E)

  • Available for a wide range of applications
  • Broad selection of accessories, including side or top-mounted manual handwheel overrides, travel stops and spring ranges for all applications
  • Molded diaphragm design gives precise positioning of the valve plug throughout valve travel
  • Computer-designed, ductile iron yoke adds stability and strength to resist fatigue from vibration and high-frequency service or over-pressurization of the diaphragm housing
  • Steel diaphragm housing helps prevent excessive deflection in over-pressure conditions
  • Standard 3 to 15 psig and 6 to 30 psig spring ranges

Series 2720 Control Valve With Close-Coupled Actuator

  • Includes all 2700A valve features
  • Space saving, economical design
  • Reverse, close-coupled (yokeless) actuator
  • Non-adjustable, spring-loaded packing
  • Interchangeable trim variations
  • Visual travel indicator on the actuator housing
  • Body sizes from 1 inch (25 mm) through 4 inch (100 mm)


Series 2700A

  • Operating temperatures from –50°F (–46°C) to 600°F (316°C)
  • 17-4PH SST standard trim, other materials available

Series 2700E

  • Operating temperatures from –150°F (–101°C) to 800°F (427°C)

Series 2720

  • Operating temperatures up to 200°F (93°C)

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