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ChampionX Announces New XSPOC 3.2 Software Release

ChampionX Announces New XSPOC 3.2 Software Release

Advancing artificial lift with artificial intelligence


THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (May 3, 2022) — ChampionX Artificial Lift announced today the latest release of its XSPOC™ production optimization software, XSPOC 3.2. This release expands on the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven autonomous control capabilities introduced in the previous version, while also adding new features around uplift and economic opportunities for both rod- and gas-lifted wells. In addition, the 3.2 release debuts plunger lift analytics, which enables quick identification and trending for common plunger lift problems.

Many oil and gas operators continue to focus on doing more with less, while still striving for maximum performance from production systems. “As more assets are divided among fewer personnel, it becomes challenging for operators to stay on top of the performance of every well,” said Paul Mahoney, ChampionX production and automation technologies president. “By leveraging AI and machine learning, the XSPOC software allows operators to focus on high priority wells, while also maintaining optimal performance of their remaining assets. Given the current climate we are all facing with the distractions of a multi-year pandemic and constrained resources, this is a very powerful tool that can help our customers be more efficient.” The custom-built technology monitors issues such as downhole conditions and equipment operational changes and then autonomously makes adjustment based on set parameters – with no human intervention – to enhance production and optimize equipment efficiencies.

Building on the rod lift setpoint optimization functionality that was introduced in the 3.1 release, the XSPOC software now offers rod lift variable speed drive (VSD) setpoint optimization. Closed-loop control of the VSD allows XSPOC to continuously optimize wells’ fillage and speed setpoints to help reduce excessive cycling and increase run time. The software can also identify scenarios where the VSD is running at constant maximum frequency, and automatically increase the max speed setpoint to enable incremental production gains.

Similarly, the software can autonomously optimize and control setpoints in gas lift systems, automatically adjusting the injection rate to maximize bottomhole pressure. This helps operators avoid the time and effort spent manually dialing in gas lift systems to avoid over- and under-injection by constantly hunting for the optimal rate in real time. Then, as the well stabilizes and moves into the latter part of its life, XSPOC can help determine the ideal operating environment based on the cost of compression or cost of injection and identify the optimal injection rate before the breakeven point of diminishing returns.

In addition, the XSPOC software now offers plunger lift analytics, providing sparkline trends for critical metrics such as lift modes, cycle times, and plunger velocity. Users are able to visualize critical conditions easily and quickly for multiple wells in a single operational dashboard, as well as track classifications for common plunger lift problems such as erratic cycle times, backpressure anomalies, load factors, and irregular plunger velocity ranges. This is a powerful tool that can be used as a stand-alone technology or be layered on top of existing SCADA platforms to take advantage of trend analytics and longer-term performance measurements.


XSPOC is a production optimization software that identifies and diagnoses anomalies in artificially lifted wells and recommends steps to optimize system performance. It employs physics-based diagnostics and artificial intelligence to monitor, control, and optimize rod lift, gas lift, plunger lift, and ESP systems. XSPOC also supports all other forms of artificial lift, naturally flowing wells, facilities, and chemical applications to gain insights from all aspects of production. It is a market leading software for production optimization and has been used to optimize over 135,000 wells across the globe. Incepted in 1999, XSPOC is leveraged by 17 of the top 20 oil producers in the United States.

To learn more about XSPOC, visit our website here.

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