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Efficient, high-performing acidizing portfolios

Acidizing Systems

Acid can be the best, fastest and most economical solution for many well stimulation applications, but it can also present challenges. Improve the operational efficiency of fracturing, matrix, squeeze, and clean-up stimulation with our integrated acid portfolios and acidizing systems. We apply 90 years of combined product development and application experience to making additives that make your acids work measurably better. We also prepare your operations for tomorrow’s challenges with systems and products aligned with the world’s most stringent environmental standards.

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Acidizing Solutions

Acid Corrosion Inhibitors

ChampionX develops acid corrosion inhibitors for all mineral and organic acid applications. Meeting our customers’ acidizing challenges—whether they be operational conditions, formation characteristics or environmental restrictions—is our goal in product development.

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Acid Non Emulsifiers

Our proven non-emulsifiers for acidizing applications are formulated to prevent water-in-oil emulsions and leave the oil-producing formation water wet.

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Acid Modifier/Retarder

Retarders interfere with acid contact on the formation, slowing the reaction and forcing the acid fluid to move further into the matrix before reacting. The retarder returns with the stimulation fluids.

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Acidizing systems reduce complexity and cost, improve efficiency

ChampionX designs integrated and fully customizable acidizing fluid systems backed by field-proven chemistry and engineering. Let us design an operationally simple, reliably performing system incorporating the products and systems demanded by your application, including:

  • Retarding acid systems
  • Acid diverters
  • Neat acid systems
  • Acid corrosion inhibitors
  • Non-emulsification additives
  • Emulsion breakers
  • Anti-sludge additives
  • Ion control additives
  • Surfactants

Be more effective in more environments with additives 

Modify your acids to work more effectively across a broader range of applications. Whether viscosifying, foaming, emulsifying or slowing is required, we develop and manufacture matrix acidizing additives that address technical and regulatory challenges in operations around the world. High-performing products include:

  • Acid gellants to increase viscocity and lower pumping friction
  • Acid foamers to increase penetration into the matrix
  • Acid emulsifiers to increase viscosity and slow the reaction of acid with the formation
  • Acid retarders to slow acid reaction and force acid fluid further into the matrix before reacting
  • Mutual solvents to preserve fluid stability.

Leverage Our Local Understanding of Global Regulations

When facing the worlds’ most challenging reservoirs and regulatory environments, drillers need a partner who already understands and innovates accordingly. We do. Acid corrosion inhibitors developed to meet Germany’s fracturing standards. Nonemulsifiers with no BTEX or pollutants. Acid sludge control that works in 28 percent HCI. We develop safer-to-use, safer-for-the-environment products that help you meet regulatory and technical challenges wherever business takes you.

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