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Improve fracturing fluids, improve results

Fracturing Fluid Systems

ChampionX creates a wide variety of well stimulation additives for hydraulic fracturing that improve safety and reduce environmental impact. Our offerings include high-performance materials designed to maximize your well productivity and decrease costs. We offer synthesis and formulation expertise, as well as total fluid designs, including custom additives. Because water’s unique characteristics can make or break an operation, we will analyze your frac water to guide product development and selection, and we will diagnose any ancillary issues related to water quality, such as bacteria, hardness or scaling tendencies. Additionally, we assure compatibility between all additives and optimize all components, including crosslinkers and breakers, for the ultimate in performance.

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hydraulic fracing with fracturing fluid systems

Fracturing Solutions


Slickwater fluids offer a low viscosity fluid with good proppant carrying capability for high rate treatments in low temperature applications. The low viscosity fluids also provide reduced friction pressures to transport proppant into the fracture. The goal is to place a conductive channel to a significant depth into the reservoir.

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Crosslinked Fluids

Our crosslinked fluids are customized for crosslinking time, boron content required and pour point. They provide the option to instantly crosslink or delay depending on the needs of your slurry.

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We offer several types of breakers. including oxidative and enzyme. Oxidative breakers include ammonium persulfate, are readily available, very economical and can be easily encapsulated with a variety of coating levels to delaythe reaction for higher temperature reservoirs. Enzyme breakers are environmentally friendly and will generate very high regain conductivities.

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Production Enhancement

Our hydrocarbon enhancement surfactants promote the interfacial tension between two immiscible fluids. In this application the surfactant is used to lower the IFT between the treating fluid and hydrocarbon to promote quicker hydrocarbon flow from conductivity path way to production tubing.

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Formation Stabilizers

Present in nearly every formation, clay mineral swelling and fines migration can cause formation damage and reduce permeability. ChampionX offers a wide range of clay stabilizers, from temporary, to permanent to reduce swelling and fines migration, while still maintaining compatibility with other fluid components, all designed to increase your production.

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Diversion Technologies

Our unique self-degradable diversion technology platform increases operational efficiency, maximizes stimulation reservoir volume and helps you to make a better well.

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Extensive Fracturing Product Line

We provide complete product lines and fracturing fluid systems for both conventional and unconventional fracturing. We develop and manufacture effective, economical and readily available formation stabilizers, surfactants, crosslinkers and breakers with decades-long records of well-documented, proven performance. We are collaborative, working with you to bring the best available technologies and solutions to your specific fracturing fluids and formation geologies.

Built-to-Purpose Frac Fluid Systems

If an individual chemical product can solve your problem, we will research and/or manufacture it. For more complex challenges, customers count on us to engineer comprehensive hydraulic fracturing fluid packages. Whether you need a scale inhibitor and biocide or a full crosslinked package with surfactants, breakers and numerous additives, we can design compatible solutions for specific temperature and pH stability requirements for your reservoir.

QA to Eliminate NPT

We consider chemical compatibility to ensure optimal fluid performance and cleanup. We back our programs and products with full lab capabilities, including 12 HTPT rheometers, autoclaves, three core flow instruments and full surfactant testing capabilities. Ultimately, our quality assurance (QA) eliminates Non Productive Time (NPT) fluid issues on location when you source products from multiple vendors.

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