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Automatic Engine Balancing Technology


Windrock AutoBalance™ provides continuous, peak- pressure balancing for large-bore natural gas-fired engines helping reduce emissions, cut fuel consumption, decrease wear and improve overall machine reliability.

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Windrock’s AutoBalance engine balancing system is a patented technology that automatically adjusts the rod load and crosshead pin load of reciprocating equipment. It is designed to optimize the performance, efficiency, and reliability of large-bore natural gas-fired engines which are widely used in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and industrial sectors. AutoBalance is a featured add-on to Windrock’s Platinum 2 online monitoring system.

Technology Overview

The AutoBalance system continually adjusts fuel flow to each power cylinder to maintain balanced operation. Continuously balancing the engine can reduce or sometimes even eliminate negative conditions such as detonation, load variation induced balance fluctuations, emissions, fuel consumption, combustion instability, cylinder wear, and bearing failures.


Proven >25% reduction of NOx emissions (compared to standard controls), with engine balance maintained at ± 5% of average despite differing ambient conditions, varying  speeds and changing loads. 


Reduces the vibration, friction, and wear of the engine components, resulting in Smoother operation and lower energy consumption. 


Prevents excessive rod load and crosshead pin load, which can cause premature failure of the engine components, such as rods, pistons, rings, valves, and bearings.


Eliminates the need for manual adjustment of the counterweight, which can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to human error. It also reduces the frequency and cost of repairs and replacements of the engine components. Precisely maintained PFP balance also improves fuel economy from 1% to 5%. 


Reduces the risk of catastrophic failures, fires, explosions, and environmental hazards that can result from unbalanced rod load and crosshead pin load.


Integrating AutoBalance with Windrock’s Platinum 2 online monitoring system and MD Optimo software helps provide a deeper analysis of the engine’s overall health. Together, these solutions optimize the performance, efficiency, and reliability of large-bore natural gas-fired engines, leading to a reduction in fuel usage and increasing uptime by limiting wear and tear.

Increase your uptime

Real-time data interpretation
Real-time data interpretation

Real-time data interpretation

Interpretations of pressure, vibration, proximity and ultrasonic data allow the analyst to understand and diagnose abnormal machine data.
Performance reporting
Performance reporting

Performance reporting

Generate reports and detailed analysis to assist in decision making and keep all stakeholders informed.
Data comparisons
Data comparisons

Data comparisons

MD Optimo gives you the power to compare online and portable data, allowing for detailed trending of total machinery health.

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