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Machinery Condition and Performance Monitoring 

Platinum™ Online Monitoring System

Windrock Platinum provides continuous monitoring and in-depth condition information to protect critical machinery, improve safety, increase reliability and availability, and make more cost-effective maintenance decisions. 

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Platinum™ Online Monitoring System
Platinum™ Online Monitoring System

Premium online monitoring for reciprocating machinery

Avoid catastrophic failure

The Platinum Online Monitoring System measures key machinery parameters with every revolution of the machine

Determine asset conditions

Automated diagnostics like Leak Index (TM) provide a non-intrusive mechanical evaluation of the health of wear components

Emergency shut-down alarms

Based on customer specified set points for warnings and alarms, Platinum has the capability to send a signal that will shut down a compressor or engine.

Support economic decision making

Measure the efficiency of compressors and related drivers to benchmark your units across stations or enterprises

Windrock MD™ and enterprise compatible

Compatible with Windrock MD™ analytical software,the industry standard for more than 25 years as well as with the Windrock Enterprise platform for easy operational analysis
Avoid catastrophic failure

When failure is not an option

Vibration and safety-related parameters are calculated at each rotation tripping onboard relays to proactively shut down a machine if catastrophic failure is imminent.
Determine asset conditions

Assess the situation

Automated diagnostics provide a non-intrusive mechanical evaluation of the health of wear components including valves, rings, packing, piston liners and rider bands.
In-depth performance analysis

Drill into the critical data

Platinum evaluates power production/consumption, gas throughput, & efficiency and compares the operation against theoretical/OEM designs. Other data includes valve efficiency ratios, load step curve verification, clearance validation and rod load and reversal.
Support economic decision making

Know when & where to spend your money

Using KPIs, make informed decisions on how to reduce fuel/electricity use while maximizing system throughput. Platinum also calculates performance degradation due to part wear/malfunction, which can be used as an economic basis for performing repairs.
Windrock MD™ and Enterprise Compatible

Part of your ecosystem

Compatible with both Windrock MD and Windrock Enterprise, Platinum can also integrate with other control networks and historians, creating a seamless transition between old and new technology.

Windrock Enterprise Asset Optimization Software

Windrock’s Enterprise asset optimization software seamlessly integrates with Windrock MD analytical software to allow detailed analysis of your assets. And, assessing the health of your entire fleet has never been easier with an easy-to-read portal that is accessible from any computer or mobile device. The modern, intuitive dashboard displays clearly defined KPIs on the health and performance of your assets to stream line the flow of information in your organization and drive metrics-based decisions. Windrock Enterprise software can be configured as either an in-the-cloud or on-prem solution and is accessible via an app on mobile devices—delivering the highest level of flexibility and control to your organization.

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