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Technical Services Analysis

Reciprocating compressor analysis

Compressor analysis services evaluate both the performance and mechanical condition of a machine to help you maximize efficiency and economical operation.

Our analysts have more than 300 years combined experience analyzing a wide variety of separable, integrals, as well as electric motor-driven high-speed units. They will also analyze the mechanical condition of the machine to identify issues and potential failures.

Performance Evaluation

  • Efficiency and economy
  • Valve and other component life

Mechanical Evaluation

  • Valve Defects
  • Piston and liner problems
  • Leaks or excessive wear on rings, packing or rider bands
  • Improper operating clearances
  • Potential adverse rod load and reversal conditions
  • Internal impacting of reciprocating components

Reciprocating engine analysis

Our analysts have more than 350 years combined experience analyzing a wide variety of diesel, high-speed, and slow-speed engines. Engine analysis evaluates both the performance and mechanical condition of a machine.

Performance Evaluation

  • Efficiency and economy
  • Horsepower

Mechanical Evaluation

  • Intake and exhaust component problems
  • Piston, ring or cylinder leaks
  • External leakage
  • Problems relating to peak firing pressures or temperature elevation
  • Impacting of reciprocating components

Engine Diagnostics

  • Improper air-to-fuel ratios
  • Bad ignition timing
  • Power cylinder performance balance
  • Mismatched components
  • Overall mechanical condition

FFT/Spectrum vibration analysis

Vibration analysis services evaluate issues that could be related to excessive component vibration or mechanical resonance.

Our certified analysts can provide testing and trending services to help identify potential failures in machines or components such as the following:

  • Pumps
  • Turbochargers, blowers and coolers
  • Turbines and centrifugal compressors
  • Fans
  • Main Bearings
  • Gear boxes
  • Generators
  • Electric motors
  • Piping
  • Foundations

This service can also identify hazards or potential failures relating to the following:

  • Cylinder movement or “stretch”
  • Foundation cracks or failures
  • Skid movement or shaking
  • Resonant conditions

Remote monitoring analysis

Windrock’s remote analysis and report services are provided to our customers through two avenues:

  • Monitoring data collected by a customer’s online diagnostic monitoring equipment
  • Databases submitted to our analysts from a customer’s collected data

Webinars can also be scheduled as an added service for a real-time review of the analysis and reports.

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