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Onshore & Offshore Asset Integrity

Improve asset functionality, support safe operations and protect the environment. For more than 50 years, we have helped develop coordinated onshore & offshore asset integrity management programs for a full range of oil and gas systems in onshore and offshore environments, including deep, hot gas wells and gathering systems, rod-pumped wells and electrical submersible-pumped (ESP) wells. We are the industry’s largest provider of specialty corrosion chemistries, including corrosion inhibitors, gas treatment, H2S scavengers, and biocides.

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Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion Prevention

At ChampionX, our team of PhD-level synthetic organic chemists specialize in molecular designs for superior corrosion inhibition. We take a proactive approach by partnering with our customers to analyze fields with harsh conditions and by supporting development in labs capable of withstanding these abrasive conditions. ChampionX helps customers avoid costly damage to equipment and downtime that can impact revenue.

Corrosive Environment Simulations

ChampionX is equipped with the knowledge and equipment needed to accurately simulate your corrosive environment, allowing us to provide the best outcome possible. Some of our simulation environment capabilities include:

  • Low Shear Conditions
  • High Shear Conditions
  • Heavily Fouled Systems
  • Sour Environments
  • Deepwater Conditions
  • Under Deposits
  • Surface Analysis
  • High-Temperature/High-Pressure Environments
  • Thermal Stability & Compatibility

Clean n Cor®

Our patented Clean n Cor® is a water-soluble corrosion inhibitor designed to simultaneously clean moderately to heavily fouled systems, prevent deposits, and provide superior corrosion inhibition at the pipe surface. With this technology, ChampionX helps you increase uptime, production, and revenue, while decreasing corrosion-related failures.

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Gas Treatment

Gas Treatment

In addition to being a compliance standard, removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from gas improves safety, protects equipment, and meets sales expectations. This is because there are inherent impurities within gas that can speed corrosion of pipelines and transmission equipment. ChampionX is the industry-leading H2S gas scavenger provider, providing both oil- and water-based soluble formulations for any situation you may face.

Acid Gas Treatment

Acid Gas Treatment combined with removal chemistries like our H2S scavengers, separate sour gases such as CO2 and H2S, from saleable natural gas streams through a process known as gas sweetening. Gas sweetening is a crucial process in order for gas to be transported and used, as H2S and CO2 not only have corrosive effects on pipelines but are toxic to humans.

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H<sub>2</sub>S Scavengers

H2S Scavengers

H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide, is a chalcogen hydride gas that is not only very poisonous, but corrosive and flammable as well. The presence of this harmful chemical can threaten the safety of your operation and integrity of your assets, putting you at risk of falling short of sales specifications. ChampionX provides a host of chemistries for the removal of H2S. These chemistries can be applied via direct injection, or, at higher H2S levels, using UltraFab systems to improve the chemical efficiency. Our optimized chemistry, equipment, and onsite technical expertise provide the best solution for you.

The benefits these H2S scavengers provide are clear:

  • Reduced corrosion through the removal of H2S gas
  • Asset integrity can be maintained, lowering the need for replacement equipment
  • Reduced downtime caused by corroded equipment
  • Meet sales specifications for H2S content

ChampionX is your trusted solution for H2S scavengers.

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Microbial Control

Microbial Control

Maintaining proper control of bacteria and microorganisms helps increase efficiency of your operation by preventing souring and protecting assets by inhibiting microbial induced corrosion (MIC). Microbial issues can be complex. Solving these issues requires exact assessment and extensive knowledge. ChampionX uses the most advanced technology to give you a clear view of what’s happening downhole. This assessment, together with microbial expertise spanning continents and industries, allows ChampionX to identify best-in-class chemistries to neutralize any threats to your assets.


AccuCount is the only technology in the market capable of providing feedback on both active and dormant microbes, allowing you to understand your immediate needs and potential future microbial risks. AccuCount’s thorough and precise results can be determined in the field within ten minutes, unlike culture-dependent methods that require lengthy incubation and provide inaccurate readings.

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