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Production Maximization Chemicals

Increase the value of your operations from first oil through declining production stages. ChampionX solves oilfield problems related to oil and water separations, foam, and heavy crude viscosity, targeting systems marred by liquid impairment, flow restrictions, or short retention times in separation equipment. We focus on increasing efficiency, and we drive down the total cost of operations by working collaboratively to develop the most economical solution for your specific application. To learn more about our production enhancement services, contact us today. 

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Production Maximization Solutions 

Flow Improvement

Flow Improvement

ChampionX's oilfield production maximization chemical solutions leverage extensive field experience with specially formulated oilfield chemicals to develop cutting edge inhibition, emulsion management, drag reduction and dispersion technologies; all to help you enhance production, reduce operating costs, and increase profitability throughput.

Improve Lift

Our flow improvement programs effectively lower apparent viscosity of produced fluids downhole to improve the lifting process. This leads to reduced operating costs and more profitable throughput.

Improve Flowability

Utilizing our proprietary technology, we create a unique water external dispersion. This leads to droplets of oil to be suspended in water rather than the opposite. The result? Dramatic decrease in apparent viscosity and improvements in operational efficiencies, mitigating any issue of low API or high pour-points impacted produced fluid flowability.

Treat Turbulent Crude

You can increase throughput in conduits and pipelines by reducing frictional pressure. ChampionX drag reducers act as buffers along the pipe wall and can decrease the amount of energy lost in turbulent formation.

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Foam Control

Foam Control

Undesired foam in oilfield production leads to an overall reduction in the capacity of treating equipment, interrupting production and causes losses in revenue. Foam formulation can be prevented using ChampionX antifoam and defoamer technologies that prevent the formation of foam while reducing already occurring foam build-up.

With ChampionX Defoaming Technology, you can expect:

  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Minimized downtime and associated losses in revenue
  • Restored capacity of treating equipment
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Foam Deliquification

Foam Deliquification

What is foam deliquification?

Foam deliquification, sometimes referred to as gas well deliquification, is a general term used to describe technologies that remove water or condensates build-up from producing gas wells.

There are a number of challenges that arise when managing tail-end production of maturing assets, such as liquid loading, salt deposition and slugging. Our extensive suit of foamers address many of these challenges. These proven chemistries combined with our expertise help you:

  • Deliquify wells and flowlines
  • Increase oil and gas production
  • Reduce decline rate
  • Extend the asset lifetime

Versatile Foamer Line

Our versatile foamer line addresses liquid loading issues experienced in wells with a wide range of water / oil ratios, total dissolved solids contents, and operating and downhole temperatures. In addition to our foamers, we also offer combination solutions that provide additional asset integrity and flow assurance. These combination programs include the addition of corrosion and scale inhibitors. Our host of capillary-string certified foamers and umbilical certified foamers allow us to support our customers by safely delivering the exact chemical for their need.

Robust Deliquification Process

ChampionX utilizes a robust deliquification process from a review of the production history, modeling and diagnosing the cause of the production decline, to product recommendations and program optimization. This robust process allows us to tailor the program to ensure success and return on investment.

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Naphthenate Management

Naphthenate Management

Naphthenates are organic carboxylate salts formed through the interaction of naphthenic acids in crude oil with metal ions like calcium and sodium in produced water with a high pH. The formation of naphthenates can cause flow assurance and reduced flow issues, leading to potential unplanned shutdowns if left untreated.

ChampionX provides a suite of specialty chemicals to control the formation of naphthenate soaps in crude oil production systems. Our inhibitor and dispersant chemistries are specifically designed to manage the formation of naphthenate emulsions and scale at low dosage rates. This leads to:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced/prevented downtime
  • Reduced/prevented loss of revenue

Combining our global and local expertise with customized chemical solutions, we deliver sustainable benefits and maintain profitability of operations.

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Phase Separation

Phase Separation

Phase separation, or demulsification, is the breaking of crude oil emulsion into oil and water phases. This process is crucial to streamline further processing and avoid corrosion. ChampionX offers a variety of specialty chemicals to remove water from oil and oil from water in production systems. These emulsion breaker and water clarifier formulations have been designed to treat complex emulsions leading to:

  • Increased efficiency and uptime
  • Improved total cost of operation

Our emulsion breakers and water clarifiers enable phase separation and treat emulsion in applications such as heavy oil, SAGD, conventional, oil sands, offshore, and shale.

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Wellbore Cleanout

Wellbore Cleanout

Wellbore cleanouts can be costly and are often necessary to recover optimum production during the lifecycle of a well. Over time, debris builds up, leading to flow restriction and reduced production. Mechanical cleaning comes at a significant cost to operators and drilling a new well requires capital. Additionally, providers who offer a chemical solution to clean out the wellbore may lack the expertise to test, design, and deliver a suit of chemistries in a safe and effective manner.


ChampionX provides a comprehensive customized well treatment plan with a unique sequencing of varying chemistries to remove buildup caused by iron sulfide, H2S, mineral scaling, bacteria, paraffin, and/or asphaltene followed by weekly monitoring and evaluation against success criteria. The RenewIQ Wellbore Cleanout program combined with our experience has been repeatedly proven to increase well production at a higher return on investment than drilling a new well or other cleanout methods.

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