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Portable Engine & Compressor Analyzer

6400 Portable Analyzer

The 6400 provides fundamental information used to assess the mechanical condition and performance of reciprocating compressors and engines, as well as rotating equipment. This portable engine & compressor analyzer provides early warnings of potentially catastrophic running conditions and gives actionable economic data to support maintenance and operational decision-making.

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Windrock 6400 Portable analyzer
Portable Analyzer

Better utility. Improved efficiency & safety. Upgraded performance

The 6400 portable analyzer can monitor multiple data points simultaneously which means you spend less time collecting and analyzing your data thereby optimizing cost-effectiveness

With our lightweight and compact ergonomic design and combining of sensors, the 6400 PA reduces strain on the analyst and requires less time on the machine deck, reducing the risk of accidents

The 6400 PA ensures your machines are operating as designed even when environmental and process conditions change. Assess control system data to compare actual vs. theoretical performance models and calculations such as Leak IndexTM

A truly portable option, the 6400’s lightweight and compact ergonomic design allows you to move from asset to asset with greater ease. One case instead of two is easier to ship, track, and haul.

We had our customers in mind when we engineered the 6400 PA giving you a more streamlined design, brighter daylight screen, combined sensors into a single probe, & created a multi-channel wireless encoder, all so you can perform your data collection with more

By combining the infrared and ultrasonic sensors you can take readings faster. Fewer wires means increased safety and faster collection time.

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Windrock 6400 models

The flagship Windrock analyzer used worldwide by reliability experts to evaluate reciprocating compressors and engines, as well as rotating machinery. The 6400 PA provides the tools to evaluate mechanical condition, equipment performance, and economic return.

Designed specifically for the maintenance troubleshooter, this two-channel instrument is a cost-effective tool that allows technicians to strategically detect and isolate mechanical faults of compressors and engines. The 6400 MA is an ideal tool for any site with critical reciprocating machinery.

This single-channel power cylinder balancer and ignition analyzer reduces engine detonation and misfires while decreasing emission levels. A “must have” tool for operators/mechanics responsible for engine health, the instrument guides users through engine balancing and ignition analysis processes.

A four-channel vibration analyzer that combines the capabilities of an advanced 4-channel vibration data collector, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and transient data recorder in one handheld instrument. The 6400 VA is perfect for evaluating any rotating equipment, including turbomachinery.

Windrock also offers a full line of analyzers specifically designed and configured for diesel engine analysis. These models evaluate the mechanical condition and performance of large bore diesel engines used in rail, marine and power generation applications.

The 6400/DA is the only dual-channel diesel engine analyzer available that combines cylinder pressure measurements and calculations with phased vibration and ultrasonic vibration measurements for a comprehensive examination of internal components.

The 6400/DA1 is a single channel analyzer offering the same powerful capabilities as the 6400/DA for cylinder pressure measurement and calculations, plus phased vibration and ultrasonic vibration measurement. Built to last, it is the most advanced single-channel diesel analyzer available.

This single-channel unit is an advanced combustion analyzer that provides operators/engineers with full performance information on a diesel engine. It allows users to easily obtain engine parameters and calculations such as Peak Pressure and Peak Pressure Angle, Maximum Rise Rate and many others.

A single-channel phased vibration analyzer that combines the capabilities of advanced phased vibration with ultrasonic measurements. It is designed for diesel engines that do not have indicator valves for cylinder pressure measurements.

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